Welcome to “Vivozen Biotech”

The brainchild of a young and dynamic entrepreneur, Vivozen has created a niche for themselves by administering 100% natural agricultural inputs to farmers which yields superior quality fresh food items. These eco-friendly products are organic in nature and helps in protecting the crop, increase their production and eliminate the high cost of production. Vivozen ensures that there is a comprehensive development of plants along with the improvement of soil which would make it rich in nutrients and minerals.

Vivozen aims to deliver organic farming solutions among the farmers and make them aware of the agricultural benefits enjoyed during the usage of organic vegetables. In this ever-evolving lifestyle of humankind, there has been extreme use of chemical fertilizers globally to yield prompt results and that has aggravated not only the environment but also the health of humans and animals. This is where Vivozen comes by ensuring fresh vegetables and fruits by organic farming procedures.

Vivozen products are completely suitable for crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

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    Vivozen aspires to bring in a revolutionary change in the world of farming by encouraging organic farming techniques among the farmers.

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    Vivozen has taken up the challenging responsibility of administering high quality products and services to the farming community to build up a better and environment friendly nation.

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    The prime motto of Vivozen team members is – “Grow organic, Eat organic.”

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Why choose us


Delivering premium quality products and services to the farming society to yield fresh fruits and vegetables at feasible prices.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring absolute customer satisfaction by providing an assorted range of organic farming solutions at competitive prices.

Nature’s Love

Connecting clients with the warmth of nature with unique organic farming methods and freshness of flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Vivozen team members are highly professional and experienced in their department, enabling top-notch quality customer services.

Trust and Transparency

Maintaining crystal clear work transparency with no hidden costs and surcharges with potential clients to acknowledge long term relationship with them.